About Us

AM Consultancy comprises of a team of specialists consultants with vast amounts of experience in areas such as; public law, advocacy, human rights and safeguarding.

With our combined knowledge and experience within the third, private and public sectors, we have a wide understanding of contemporary issues faced by vulnerable adults, and recognise the need for safe practice as well as strong business acumen.

Our Aim

We aim to ensure your organisational needs are met by assigning strong business analysts, who are able to evaluate organisations and ensure any shortcomings are immediately improved.

Our consultants also offer specialist advice and are highly skilled in providing training to organisations requiring our help to increase quality work being delivered to vulnerable service users, at a low cost to the organisation.

Our Experience

The team has experience in working with; victims of abuse, autism, learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s, dementia and sensory impairments.

In addition our consultants have an understanding of the contemporary issues faced by service users such as; abuse (sexual, physical, financial and psychological), homelessness, incorrect benefits, forced marriage, FGM and honour based violence.

We are therefore able to work with a variety of organisations dealing with a range of issues.

Case Studies

Case Study One

Client A was a commissioned charity that had a projected £100k deficit for the upcoming year, and therefore sought the help of the consultancy to reduce the deficit and retain …

Case Study Two

An organisation required the work of AM Consultancy to provide training on the Care Act 2014. As a new piece of legislation, the organisation wished to understand the legislation to …