About Us

AM Consultancy Network comprises of a team of specialist consultants who all have high-level management experience in the third/charity sector. We have worked with: mental health organisations, homelessness organisations, women’s organisations and advocacy organisations.
Our team consists of HR and operational experts.

With our combined knowledge in areas such as: safeguarding, information and advice, advocacy and strategic management we understand the growing need for demand in services, but also the strain on organisations who have limited resources.

Our Aim

We aim to help third sector and charity organisations succeed in meeting their contractual aims within services by assisting with: the implementation of a strong HR team, operational knowledge in our specialist areas, safe working practices, enhanced quality of work and training.

Our Experience

Our team consists of HR experts and strategic, operational managers who have experience working in a wide variety of third sector and charity organisations such as: homelessness charities, women’s organisations, mental health organisations, advocacy organisations and many more. We have specialist experience in managing services for adults such as: employment, counselling, advocacy, information and advice, BAME engagement, service user engagement and complex case work.

Our consultants know the issues being faced by service users but also recognise the increase in demand and the decrease in resources. We are therefore able to work with a variety of partners and deal with a range of issues.

Case Studies

Case Study One

Client A was a commissioned charity that had a projected £100k deficit for the upcoming year, and therefore sought the help of the consultancy to reduce the deficit and retain …

Case Study Two

An organisation required the work of AM Consultancy to provide training on the Care Act 2014. As a new piece of legislation, the organisation wished to understand the legislation to …